Upcoming Workshops

Websites 101 Workshop

Whether you plan to build your own website or outsource, this 2 hour free workshop will teach you everything you need to know before you start building your website. 


  • How to create a strong and consistent Brand.
  • Planning your website content so you save time an money
  • Choosing the best domain name, what’s best for you .com or .com.au?
  • Which is the best website platform and theme to build your website on so you can have complete control of your site.
  • Simple SEO tips to get your website found in search engine results.
  • How to update and make your site secure so it doesn’t get hacked.
  • The best plugins to give your site increased functionality.
  • Why blogging is a great way to share your knowledge and position yourself as an expert in your industry.
  • Learn strategies to get more traffic back to your site.
  • What is list building

Website in a Weekend

Following on from the free workshop where you started planning and collecting your website assets, this 2 day workshop you will put all that knowledge into action and you will actually build your website. You will go home with a fully functioning website that you’ll have the ability to update yourself and add to as your business grows and evolves.

Workshop includes:

  • Setting up WordPress on your hosting service
  • Choosing a layout and theme to style your website
  • Build 4 pages, including: home, services, about and contact pages
  • Homepage formula that keeps visitors wanting to know more about you
  • Set up your blog on your website and publish your first post
  • Add and configure plugins which will speed up your website
  • Set up security plugin to protect your site
  • Set up and configure an SEO plugin with your chosen keyword phrase so you can start ranking in search engine results

Content & Social Media

You now have a fully functioning website, what’s next? You need to take action to get more visitors to your website and more eyes onto to your pages and blog posts. This is how you start ranking in search engine results.

Aside from sharing your website with family, friends and clients, Social Media and Email List Building can be the fastest and cheapest way to do this. This all might sound scary but I’ll walk you through each step in this 1 day workshop.

Workshop includes:

  • Learn how to use Facebook to get more traffic to your site
  • Setting up you Facebook business page
  • Adding the Facebook pixel to your site to track visitors from Facebook
  • Social Media Post ideas
  • Create a content calendar for your blog and social media posts
  • Connect MailChimp to your website to start building your email list
  • Create a Lead Magnet to sign up people to your Email List
  • Create great content on your blog which gets more eyes on your website