Some time ago one of my mentors brought to my attention the idea of the ‘Sacred Yes to self’. Saying yes to who you truly are can be a game changer. It has been for me!

Like many, I’ve spent most of my life saying yes to everyone and everything but me, going through life being and doing what was expected. So when I first heard about the Sacred Yes, it seemed foreign, almost selfish.

We are conditioned to believe its honourable to be self-LESS. It was a model I learnt from my mother and she learnt from hers, women who always made sure everyone else was taken care of before they tended to themselves.

Your ‘Sacred Yes’ really has nothing to do with saying no to others. It simply means saying yes to all of who you are and liking who you see in the mirror… unconditionally!

Your Sacred Yes

When you issue a Sacred Yes to yourself, through the simple act of intention, you make space for more of the life you want to enter your field of reality. Low self-love, self-doubt and lack of self-worth can cause you to unconsciously sabotage your life. It’s time to trust yourself and make a commitment to going on a journey of learning to say yes to all of who you are.

What does it mean to say Yes?

Saying yes is a willingness to show up. It’s not about goals and ambition, it’s about your purpose. It’s about following your dreams even if its uncomfortable to those around you… including yourself!

Your Sacred Yes is having the courage to live in your own truth and not living out the expectations of others. If we’re seeking out external validation or defining ourselves by what we do or what we own we are potentially not living in our truth but rather living in society’s rules.

When we live our truth we have the courage to speak up even when others may not agree with us. It’s about not dimming your light to make others feel okay, but rather standing in your full divine brilliance unapologetically.

Leap and the net will appear quoteSaying yes is an act of faith. I love the quote by John Burroughs “Leap and the net will appear” We need faith when we follow our purpose. We may not even know what we are saying yes to, but we feel it in our bones, we need to say yes, even when the outcome is unknown.

Once we commit to our Sacred Yes, the next steps will be revealed to us. The universe conspires on our behalf to make things happen, all because we said YES. When we’re in alignment with our purpose our path opens up, opportunities and synchronicities magically come. In the willingness and the allowing to be led by the Universe, we finding the magic is in the journey, rather than a destination we seek to get to one day.

For me the Sacred Yes has been about the ever expanding journey of finding my true spirit within, who has always been there, just waiting to be remembered, waiting to be loved.

I bring my Yes into my relationships, my work and play. Life is not always perfect, but its a lot more fun when I choose to stand in the fullness of all of who I am.

How do we say a Sacred Yes to ourselves?

Just say yes! It’s not necessary but if wanted to, you could light a candle, create a ceremony or go to a special place, and simply say Yes in your own words, it’s just a choice.

If you would like to go deeper with your Sacred Yes, come along to the next sound healing meditation, we’ll be diving deep to clear and release any blocks you may have from fully stepping into all of who you are. The meditation will provide a safe space to issue your Sacred Yes, so you can cultivate a life where saying yes to your true essence is a natural way of being and living.

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