Healing Meditations

Be supported during this guided meditation where we download positive and empowering beliefs around self love and self acceptance.

Lack of self-love, self-doubt and low self-worth can cause us to unconsciously sabotage our lives. By embracing and saying yes to all of who we are, our true self, we become clear channels for universal energy to flow through us.

When we practicing this meditation we can expect the following:

  • We are more positive about ourselves and life.
  • We move past blocks which prevent us from moving forward.
  • We trust ourselves and have conviction in the decisions we make.
  • Paths open up for us to follow our true purpose.
  • We stop struggling to ‘make things happen’
During this guided meditation we calm the nervous system and bring our body and mind into the present moment where we feel safe and supported.

Past traumas, big or small can cause our nervous system to be on high alert and in a chronic state of stress. Our mind consciously or unconsciously holds onto these traumas by storing these memories in our body, a kind of safety mechanism we develop in case we ever encounter the same trauma. This sound like a good thing, but if the trauma is no longer a valid threat it can cause a number of health issues, including anxiety, depression and according to some experts, even autoimmune conditions.

When we calm the nervous system we can expect to following:

  • We sleep better
  • Less physical pain
  • Increased self confidence
  • Less anxiety 
  • We cope better in our everyday lives