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Be supported during this guided meditation, where we will be reconnecting and saying yes to our true essence.

When we issue a Sacred Yes to self, we make space for more of the life we want to enter our field of reality.

Low self-love, self-doubt and lack of self-worth can cause us to deny parts of ourselves and unconsciously sabotage our lives.

By embracing and saying yes to our true self we become clear channels for universal energy to flow to us and through us. 

When we issue our Sacred Yes to self:

  • We become master co-creators with the Universe
  • Flow states come more often
  • Synchronicity and opportunities come more easily
  • We stop judging ourselves and others
  • Paths open up for us to follow our true purpose
  • We fully and unconditionally accept ourselves
  • We release ourselves from the collective unconscious belief that it’s honourable to be self-LESS
  • It’s time to trust yourself and make a commitment to going on a journey of learning to say yes to ALL of who you are.

Join us in this activation, clearing and guided journey with the beautiful sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls. The healing frequencies of the sound bath allows to us to access deeper relaxed states, which helps us become receptive to downloading positive and empowering beliefs around self love and self acceptance.


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