Join us at Connect with your Intuitive Gifts workshop where you will be guided and supported in developing your intuition and learn how to use it in your daily life.

During the workshop you will:

  • Raise your vibration to connect with your Higher Self’s guidance.
  • Experience a Crystal Sound meditation
  • Gain deeper acceptance of your true and complete self.
  • Identify and clear any fear and doubt around your intuition.
  • Download and receive empowering beliefs to enhance your intuition.
  • Enjoy fun, practical exercises to unlock and enhance your intuitive and psychic abilities.
  • Experience a deeper spiritual understanding of who you truly are.
  • Spend the day with like-minded people.

Who is this for:

For anyone who has wanted to learn how to develop their intuitive abilities or to enhance their current intuitive skills.

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, lunch, notepad for personal notes.

WHATS INCLUDED: Morning and afternoon tea/coffee and snacks

WHEN: 23 May 2021

ARRIVE: 9.45am for 10am start and   finish at 3.30pm

LOCATION: Serene waterfront location on the Central Coast TBA

COST: $120

About us

  Jen White is a certified practitioner of Theta     Healing, Reiki, Pranic and EFT modalities. Jen   specialises in helping people break free from the   burdens of negative patterns so they live their   best life with ease and joy.

Leah Yiannis is an Energy Healer and Intuitive who helps people to reconnect and remember their intuitive gifts so they can create more magic and joy in their lives. Leah is a qualified Psych-K facilitator, Reiki practitioner, Sound Healer and Theta Healing practitioner.

Join us on this day of unfoldment to feed your soul and build more trust in your heart!