About Me

I believe we are all here on a spiritual journey, experiencing growth in physical form. For me, this journey has led me down the path of energy healing and personal growth.

A brief history of my journey: I was first introduced to the world of spiritual development through Reiki back in 2007. At the time, I was experiencing some health issues that doctors were unable to diagnose or assist me with. They suggested changing my diet and trying some stress relief exercises.

A friend suggested I try Reiki. Although I hadn’t heard of it before, I was willing to try something different to find some answers.

Reiki not only helped me physically but also emotionally. I found that I was better able to connect with myself and intuitively tune into what my body needed.

I also realized that my physical ailments had an emotional component, which I hadn’t previously addressed. Impressed with the results, in 2010, I decided to learn Reiki Healing for myself.

Eager to delve deeper, I began to further explore personal and spiritual development. In 2017, I studied Theta Healing and in 2019 I became a PSYCH-K facilitator, both powerful techniques for uncovering and clearing limiting beliefs and unconscious programs.

I was then introduced to Internal Family Systems. IFS has been pivotal in healing unresolved childhood traumas. Addressing these issues with IFS has supported me in confidently living my life’s purpose.

As an intuitive counsellor and IFS practitioner, practicing these modalities have helped my clients address negative and repeating patterns of self doubt, the inner critic, perfectionism and people pleasing which often stemmed from unresolved past traumas. 

My wish is for you is to find the same inner peace and harmony you deserve, so you can be the person you were truly designed to be.

Sending much love to you on your healing journey ūüôā


  • Stepping Stones IFS certification
  • PSYCH-K¬©¬† Advanced Facilitator
  • Theta Healing¬© Basic &¬†Advanced DNA
  • Reiki Master -Levels I, II and III
  • ¬†Neurographic Art Therapy
  • Certified Integral Sound Healing and Meditation facilitator