Upgrade limiting beliefs with Psych-K  Energy Psychology, for optimal health and wellbeing

About Energy Healing

As a qualified Psych-K facilitator and intuitive energy healer I take a holistic approach to healing which encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

When all these aspects of our lives are in alignment we feel less struggle, more in harmony and balance with life… and just generally happier and comfortable within our own skin!

Together we find the best approach for you to achieve your wellness goals, so you can once again feel light and live from a place of joy and love.

Find out how you can have more happiness, better health, authentic relationships and success in all areas of your life.







Reiki is a gentle and safe energy healing modality, making it suitable for all ages, including children. Reiki is great for releasing fears, stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that Reiki is effective in boosting the bodies natural healing abilities. Reiki can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments, helping to support you on your healing journey.


Theta Healing is powerful healing technique which gets to the root cause of blocks in your life, quickly and easily.

It’s great for shifting negative patterns and habits, identifying and clearing limiting beliefs you may have picked up throughout your life. Belief systems which once served a purpose but are now holding you back from your true potential.


Sound Healing has been used since ancient times. Tibetan and crystal singing bowls can induce a deep state of relaxation, which can help alleviate anxiety, reduce tension and improve overall well-being.

You can book a stand alone sound healing session or combine it with Reiki or Theta Healing to help integrate and boost your healing.

“I can’t recommend Leah highly enough! She’s very intuitive and knows exactly what I need when I walk through the door. The shifts I’ve seen in my life since working together have been amazing, I’m more confident, my relationships have improved and I just don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I would recommend Leah without hesitation” 


“Leah has a kind and gentle nature, I always leave my sessions lighter and more at ease than when I walked in. I sleep better and I feel I’m better able to cope with stress since working with Leah. I always look forward to our sessions and I would highly recommend her” 


“I had an amazing experience with Leah! My session was the first Energy Healing session I’ve experienced. I was initially sceptical as to whether it was right for me, but this was not the case and I came away from my session eager to book another. During my session I identified a couple of places in my body that I was experiencing a blockage in. Leah helped to release the pain that I was experiencing in these areas and I left the session feeling very relaxed, serene and more in control of my emotions.” 


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